Baladie Gourmet Cafe Baladie Gourmet Café is happy to give you a unique taste of our exclusive palette of flavors with the click of a button. We want you to discover the best of the best in the San Francisco area. Try our Specialty Salad that comes with pita, one dolma and one pepperchini. The Greek Salad or Foutush Salad is spectacular. But wait our menu items include so much more. Our Sultan’s Iron Bowl is perfect for catering and serves 10-15 people as does our Party Spinach Pies. Another great item for catering is our Dessert Trays with baklava, halva, burma, and fruit. Lavash Deluxe, Gyros, and Vegetarian Pies are among other favorites on our menu. Click on us today we promise you won’t be sorry! Order Online Payment Options